• Design


Designing air conditioning systems so that they are perfectly adapted to the installation space is a vital step to ensuring a result that will satisfy you in every way. HVAC systems take up significant room, so professional comprehensive planning is integral to effective home design.

Mizug Plus specializes in thinking outside the box, finding the best creative aesthetic solutions that generate computerized plans of the very highest standard.

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  • Installation


At the installation stage, the skilled professional Mizug Plus teams spring into action. Each of these teams is supervised by a dedicated project manager, with close attention to the technical specifications, in line with the computerized plans, and having selected the most high-quality materials.

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Creating Israel’s Most Beautiful Homes

Architect: Raz Melamed

The air conditioning solutions in this house include jet-stream diffusers, which enable air to disperse into large areas and suit the industrial-style language of the overall space. The AC units are concealed deep within cabinetry and permit a high ceiling, without the need for a drop ceiling, with all service ports concealed in the cabinet and visible in the ceiling.

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